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Vietnam’s Daughter, Linda L.T. Baer

Coming from author Linda L.T. Baer, formerly Nguyen Thi Loan, is Red Blood, Yellow Skin, the author’s own story, of a young girl’s survival in war-torn Vietnam.

It’s about romance, humor, culture, customs, traditions, and family life. It describes the pain, struggle, despair, and violence as she lived it. The story is hers, but it is also an account of Vietnam, not as seen by foreigners on televised images of war and tragedy, but by those who were uprooted, displaced, brutalized, and left homeless; it is about their struggle to survive.

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Happenings in June

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good things are happening with Red Blood, Yellow Skin and we look forward to sharing details soon! Not only has the book been picked up by a number of retailers, but Linda will be appearing at some upcoming book signing events at Barnes & Noble stores this summer and fall.

She also has a television appearance on July 20 to speak about the book.

Please keep an eye on this spot for news soon!

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